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Heritage Portfolio

Managing restoration of heritage buildings demonstrates HRS’s wide range of skills – from strengthening to the intricate work of matching new finishing details to those of the past. Building are often very ‘sensitive’ to change and require due attention for the protection of building elements and style. Temporary work for stabilising work areas is essential, as is the use of (or removal of) modern plant and equipment around very dry timber structures. In co-operation with our clients, we endeavour to re-use existing material where it is practical to do so. 

Where re-strengthening work was carried out, this work saved occupants from injury in the 2011 Canterbury Earthquakes. Unfortunately a large a number of our Heritage projects were demolished to clear land for the Canterbury Rebuild or await repair. 

ANZ Chambers
Structural strengthen and façade retention
High/Lichfield Street
$1.0 million
Structural strengthen and façade retention
Latimer Square

Te Aranga House
Strengtening and Restoration
Ensor Road, Opawa
$1.0 million

ABS Building
Structural strengthen and façade retention
Hereford Street
$2.0 million