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Sanitarium Factory

Date of Completion  December 2012 | Duration 8 months | Contract Value $6 million

“Reaching this point in the construction program and overcoming the enormous construction issues that could not have been predicted some months ago is encouraging. Our team of consultants, builders and Sanitarium staff have worked through bitterly cold days and long hours to get us to this point. I cannot thank the whole team enough” Pierre van Heerden | GM

Scope and Scale 

A complex repair and upgrade of Sanitarium’s Marmite factory saw the earthquake damaged building cut in half, the middle gutted and remaining structures upgraded to meet new building codes and hygiene standards. HRS’s work included installation of new fire system, electrical and data cabling, plumbing,  lift and food-grade wall and floor finishes.  Extensive earthquake strengthening to walls and floors was undertaken.  Work proceeded during aftershocks, HRS provided temporary propping to the main building to minimise impact and built safe areas within the building to allow workers, and Sanitarium staff to shelter.


The full scope, and programme was initially undefined – this required HRS to respond to scope changes on a daily basis. HRS committed extra resource (up to 60 employees at one time)  to ready the factory for operation for the Marmite production line. The project received Development Application sign off in November to allow Sanitarium to re-commission the factory and set a date for iconic  Marmite being back on the shelf. HRS worked co-operatively with, and around Sanitarium’s engineering staff who were managing and servicing existing manufacturing plant (large amount of stainless steel pipe, tanks, pumps and mixers). Costs were managed to keep insurance and client costs separate.