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Synlait Ancillary Buildings

Client Synlait (as Main Contractor) / RCR Energy (as Subcontractor) | Date of Completion July 2008 | Duration 8 months | Contract Value $5.0 million 

Scope and Scale 

Synlait (Main Contractor Works – Traditional Tender) Ancillary buildings including main circuit control, compressor room along with workshops and staff facilities to support $150 million milk production facility on greenfield site. 

RCR Energy (Mechanical subcontractor on site to Synlait’s Main Contractor Eberts for Stage 1 and 2 – - negotiated subcontractor concrete works for Stage 2 – New Boiler) Concrete works were provided for $900,000 boiler, large $300,000 excavation and wastewater treatment plant civil works including large tank foundations, design and build of $110,000 1000m2 concrete road constructed to falls using steel fibre reinforced concrete, $700,000 sundry pads (up to 12m2 and 2m deep) for pipe stands, demin plant and transformers. 

Due to the size and scale of mechanical equipment for the boiler structure, RCR Energy installed equipment first and HRS built the structure around the placed equipment. (Reverse build). 


We secured significant work with RCR Energy based on our performance and delivery of Synlaits ancillary buildings. RCR benefited from the experience, and understanding of the whole project, of the established on-site team. Given the hierarchy of contractors involved in the stages and complexity of the overall build, an open book/full disclosure of costs policy was adopted. Stakeholder management was critical to ensure well communicated and co-ordinated interface between the multi-faceted works, trades, and plant installation. 

Babbage provided overall project co-ordination with Synlait providing technical advice and direction. 

Programme: Non-negotiable as all contractors had to meet August milk supply. HRS allocated additional staff to manage extra works awarded by RCR. At one stage HRS had five work gangs on site to meet critical project milestones. 

Health & Safety: Nil serious incidents. Complied with health and safety requirements as Main Contractor, controller of the work place and Subcontractor, employee to RCR Energy. 

Budget: Bulk of the facility build was negotiated Open book/transparency of costs.