Our clients’ needs come first. At HRS we seek to understand YOUR business, and offer the best construction solution we can that meets your requirements, expectation and objectives for your new build, refurbishment or fitout. How do we do that? By listening, questioning, listening, questioning and listening again, irrespective of what stage the project is. A successful project results from all parties working together, mutual respect of each other’s input, expertise and knowledge and the right mix of technical support and skill to achieve a ‘best for project’ approach. This achieves effective staging implementation (through both design and build phases) adherence to quality and cost requirements, a strong health and safety and environmental record, and on-time completion. 

We are committed to deploying the best personnel resource to deliver the physical build. The stability and commitment of our own building team means we have control over the programme critical path and milestones and quality outputs against the specifications.  Our builders do not rush the job in favour of reducing time – their ability to progress the works effectively, efficiently and to quality standards is their reputation. Additionally our site personnel are very safety focused - they know that injury from a major event on site can have far-retching ramifications.  They look out for each other, removing risks from, and applying safe practical practices to, their tasks and activities, establishing and insisting that safe work methods are practices at all times.  They make sure each goes home fit and healthy to family and friends - not because they have to but because they want to.